Just Performance Fitness is an all-inclusive fitness facility located in Danielson, CT. We are the only fitness facility in the area that offers six areas of fitness in one gym! What do we mean by that? When you first walk into our facility, you will see our basic gym with a full line of cardio, Life Fitness machines, and a dumbbell rack along with our fully stocked Supplement and Pro Shop. As you make your way through our 12,000 square foot space, you will find our Powerlifting Room complete with an EliteFTS Mono Lift and Competition Bench, 8 squat rack stations, a deadlift platform, and various bars including a Texas Power Bar, Axle Bar, Trap Bar, Football Bar, Safety Squat Bar, and more! Keep walking and you will find our fully outfitted Strength & Conditioning Room stocked with individual squat stations, rowers, air bikes, sandbags, and so much more! Back around towards the front of the facility you will find our Strongman & Sport Training Area with a mini gym setup, turf, sleds, kegs, atlas stones, logs, circus dumbbells, heavy bags, and more. If you are interested in Yoga or Group classes we have a few options as well! Upstairs we have our Yoga Studio run by Deb Stout who offers a wide variety of classes and one-on-one sessions. We also offer TRX, Bootcamp, and Circuit Training taught by various certified instructors! These classes are held in our Strength & Conditioning room.

Have an ache or pain that is affecting your workouts? We've got you covered! Upstairs you will find our resident Clinical Massage Therapist. James Dinnauer, owner of Muscle Maintenance Massage Therapy, will work with you one-on-one to help alleviate those aches and pains that occur while working out!


Owner and Head Trainer Josh Pratt graduated from UCONN with a degree in Strength & Conditioning. He holds various certifications including his NSCA CSCS, NSCA TSAC-F, CF-L1, GSTC, and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. He offers one-on-one and group personal training sessions, nutrition advice, and customized programs to cover any of your fitness needs. He also teaches a Personal Trainer I Course at our local community college, QVCC!


521 Davis Road Danielson, CT 06239 
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