Every JPF Base Membership includes access to the Machine and Cardio Room, Powerlifting Room, and Strongman/Sport Training Room. Also included is free basic programming!

JPF Base Memberships start at just $34.99/month!

Ask about our Hazardous Duty, Student, & Senior Discounts, as well as our Family Plan!


Here at JPF, you are treated as an athlete! No matter what level you are at, we know that you have greatness and potential beyond your belief! You are part of our team. Your teammates and coaches are by your side to help support, motivate, encourage and drive you to perform to the best of your ability! Just like positions in a team sport, you as an individual may have slightly varied needs when compared to other teammate roles, but the overall goal is to make the team function better as a whole, develop comradery, and excel. In order to do so we must help you specialize to meet your goal!

Located in our 12000 square-foot facility, our Strength & Conditioning room is designed to provide workouts to fit ANY ability and lifestyle! These are not one-size fits all classes, but rather classes designed to surround you with like-minded individuals working to help motivate and support each other! Each workout structure can be molded to fit your exact needs from weight loss to strength building, all while letting you stay on track with the class, have a great time, AND get an awesome workout!

Our Head Coach and Programmer is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a BS in Strength & Conditioning. He also holds certifications in Tactical Strength & Conditioning, CF-L1, GSTC, and SFN! Rest assured that you have the areas top trainers by your side paving the path for you to better your life!

Class Pricing

Unlimited Classes w/Gym Access: $125/month OR $105/month with EFT enrollment

3 Classes Per Week w/Gym Access: $100/month OR $85/month with EFT enrollment

Ask about our Police, Fire, CO, Military, & Veteran discounted pricing!

Punch Card Pricing


Members Card - for active JPF Members only - 10 classes for $79.99

Combo Card - use on any 10 classes or gym "drop-in" for $99.99

Class Offerings


Strength & Conditioning

This is class that starts with Strength and ends with HIIT conditioning. The Strength focus allows you to take the time to focus on form and technique on larger lifts, while saving the fast paced cardio aspect for the end of your workout.


HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is similar to other popular cross training style classes. There is no specific muscle group focus for each class other than maximal work in the given time frame. Classes will engage your full body, targeting as many muscle groups as possible, varying from each class.

Power Hour

This hour long class will have you working the entire time utilizing body weight exercises, cardio machines, and equipment including kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbells. Each class will have you breathing heavy, burning calories, and covered in sweat by the end of the hour.


Focus on strength training and strength development for a specific upper or lower area each class, such as lower body, back, upper body, etc. With no true conditioning portion, the muscular endurance work will still tax your breathing and elevate your heart rate to maximal levels. 


Get a full body workout in during this circuit style class that will have your muscles working, heart pumping, and sweat dripping. This class utilizes equipment such as kettlebells, wall balls, rowers and bikes while also utilizing body weight workouts.

Full Body Pump

Full Body Pump is a combination of kettlebell, dumbbell, and barbell work focused primarily on accessory lifts. This class will give you a great full body workout made to sweat and burn calories all while avoiding intimidating lifts and getting stronger!


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