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I joined JPF because I wanted to adopt a healthier lifestyle and lose weight after my daughter was born.

JPF helped me by offering an affordable local gym with a wide variety of classes, equipment, and knowledgeable staff to help me reach my goals. The end result was more than I could ever imagined. I lost fat, gained muscle, and learned how to eat and fuel my body to keep up with my demanding work schedule and busy family life.

One thing I really like is the variety JPF offers. TRX, Kettlebells, Strength and Conditioning, Crossfit, Cardio machines, yoga, weight training, nutrition plans, personal training, and Strongman equipment - all in one place. Typically a person would have to travel between gyms in order to get different classes and equipment.

I found my experience at JPF life changing. JPF helped me evolve from a chainsmoking - fast food junkie - couch potato, to an active, strong, confident Woman, Mom, Wife and Nurse, and ultimately to a competitive Strong(wo)man and Powerlifting Athlete. I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my adult life. Most people recognize me by my arms and I almost always get compliments on

JPF offers a clean and spacious gym with an atmosphere filled with motivating, supportive, and encouraging members. The founder and owner, Joshua Pratt is passionate about helping his community achieve their fitness goals in a safe manner and has the credentials to back up his methods. Josh is always willing to help someone with their form, offer advice, or gently encourage them to push a bit harder to reach their potential.

I would recommend JPF to all athletes from beginners to advance and any ages. JPF has so much to offer - sport specific equipment, cardio, CrossFit, Ninja, yoga, a well stocked Pro Shop, knowledgeable trainers, personal training, kids classes, and so much more. Where else can you get all of this in this area??

Melissa S. - Member Since 2013

Whether you're looking to become a better athlete, exercise more, lose weight, or grow as a person; JPF will give you all the equipment, knowledge, and support you'll ever need. This place has more resources than you've probably ever considered needing for your fitness goals. If you're just starting out or have been training for years, JPF is the place that will allow you to succeed in any of your goals.

I remember when I first went to JPF, Josh was willing to answer any questions I had or critique any form issues in order to make me a better lifter, and this hasn't changed in the slightest. I've used his programs and nutritional information with great success for both sports and powerlifting. I've been to multiple gyms since I started lifting 8 years ago and the amount of support and knowledge I've acquired at JPF is second to none. You simply cannot get the same experience or growth at any other gym in the area. I say all of this before even highlighting the new location and all of the services offered with it.

The new location gives you the ability to pursue any type of fitness you choose to follow with new facilities and equipment you can't find anywhere else in the area. Not to mention the staff's knowledge base is constantly improving as well as the equipment selection and resources. JPF is much more than just a business, the staff genuinely wants each and every member to get better.

There are plenty of gyms that hope you just pay your membership fee and don't show up. Here, not only do they want you to show up but they want to provide you with the latest equipment and resources to take you to the next level. Its a nice feeling seeing your membership fee being constantly reinvested to improve the gym and your experience. The fact that anyone would choose any other gym is mind boggling.

Clay S. - Member Since 2017

I came to JPF for the flexibility. I’d been doing CrossFit for a few years, but I wanted more. I wanted to be able to do CrossFit for conditioning a few times per week, but I also wanted to be able to just focus on lifting on some days, especially on the weekends, and when I found out that JPF was also working on a Ninja room and a Strongman room, I was even more excited. I love that kind of variety. But I found more than just variety at JPF.

I’ve been here only six months or so and I’ve already learned a lot from Josh. His input has transformed my lifting program, and I’ve seen more progress in my lifts than I did through any of my previous programming. But getting stronger is just one reason I work out. It helps me manage stress and it’s a lot of fun, and JPF is a great place for both.

Josh and Mikayla and all the staff create a great vibe. It’s a beautiful, clean, well-equipped gym, with something for everyone and everything for someone like me.

Bill G. - Member Since 2018

I’ve been working out since the mid 80’s (I’m 53).  I’m no Superman;  I’ve gone through periods of peak fitness and times of not-so-peak fitness.  I recently belonged to a $10 gym, but I found myself very unmotivated.  I had done a lot of self-education about new ways to work out, but that gym was holding me back.  I was pretty frustrated...  So, I joined Just Performance Fitness in August 2017.   I have some sports injuries and an injury prone lower back, Josh showed me some great stretches to do and encouraged me to listen to my body.   Within 6 weeks I lost 10 pounds of fat and I was stoked for more progress... 

The things I like most about JPF:

1. JPF allows me to workout the way I want to work out.  it doesn’t force me to conform to facility limitations.  Within one workout, I can easily move from body-weight exercises, to cross-fit, to machines, to power-lifting, to cardio.  My workouts have become fluid and fun.

2.  There’s a great community of people at JPF all focused on fitness.  There are guys and gals of all ages, doing a variety of routines.  It’s a great place to watch, learn, and incorporate new ideas into your program.

3. Owners, Josh and Mikayla are friendly and welcoming.   Josh has a wealth of knowledge and is eager to share.  I now change my workout routine every 8 to 12 weeks and Josh is willing to offer suggestions and guidance.

You really do owe it to yourself and your body to come in and experience JPF for a week.  I did and I stayed.

“The body is only limited by the mind’s prison.”

Jeff P. - Member Since 2017

I joined JPF in December 2015. From Day 1 it has been nothing but a positive experience. Josh Pratt is a business owner and a trainer who is genuinely invested in each and every one of his members. JPF is a great facility that offers several different fitness disciplines. He has a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about helping his members and clients achieve their fitness goals. I have learned so much about my own personal fitness in my time at JPF.

There are no “cookie cutter” training programs from Josh. Everything is tailored for you and your individual needs and goals. Josh and his knowledgeable team have created a family atmosphere. I have established friendships with many of the other great members at JPF. We all encourage and motivate each other to improve ourselves.

I really can’t see myself going to any other gym or fitness facility and getting the same commitment from Josh, his team, or the members themselves.

Dave B. - Member Since 2015

JPF is my second home, its my way to release my day to day stress. Josh has put his sweat and blood into the new location. JPF has something to offer everyone no matter if your new to fitness, or you're looking to expand your fitness experience, and they have unlimited opportunities for improvements.

I've been a member to other gyms/clubs and I always felt like I was being held back or in a negative atmosphere. Once I met Josh, and made the switch to JPF, I've gotten the results I want, the nutrition help I needed, and the training experience I've been trying to accomplish. I can't thank Josh enough for the time and effort he's put into building his dream gym.

I've been a member for 3+ years now, and I would have to say the best part of JPF isn't the 12,000 square feet of equipment and machines, isn't the 6 gyms inside one building... its the owner Josh and his team of trainers! You name it, Josh has a certificate for it. Anytime I have question or thought, Josh and his team of trainers has been there to help with answers or to demonstrate, unlike other trainers that want your money before they offer their time.

I've been recommending JPF since I walked through the door to the old gym in Moosup, and I'm still recommending JPF. Come join the best gym around, and become a member of the JPF family where we are all here to help each other!!!

Shawn D. - Member Since 2014

I initially joined JPF and hired a personal trainer (Jon) to help me strengthen a bad knee. I couldn’t get up off the floor without holding onto something. A year later I was stronger, leaner, and no longer needed assistance to get from a squat to stand. I had injuries and set backs over the year, but the members and trainers always encouraged me when I felt deflated or helped me make modifications to complete my training goals. I then went on to train for my first sprint triathlon at age 48! I placed 2nd in my age group!

I honestly can say the reason I did so well was due to the coaching, nutrition advice, encouragement, and accountability members gave me to reach my goal. I even saw some of them at the event cheering me on. JPF isn’t a gym. It’s a community of people who applaud and encourage each other to be the best we possibly can be. I can’t wait to see what I’m capable of as I turn 50 this year and celebrate what other members will accomplish as well.

Gerri T. - Member Since 2015

Joining JPF at the new location in Danielson immediately when they opened, has been one of the most positive and smartest decisions I've ever made. I'm right on track with the goals that I want to achieve, and continue to strive for new ones. Josh and Mikayla, and not to mention their great staff, are always more than happy to offer advice, and help when needed. I am very proud to be part of the JPF family, and always will be.

Luis L. - Member Since 2017

When I walked in to JPF I didn't know what to expect. From the trainer/owner Josh to the whole gym atmosphere and the people, let me tell you I was impressed. From Josh's amazing knowledge about fitness and the strive he has to make you a better you, to the love he put into his gym. And from the members/trainers all you get is genuine support and encouragement. JPF is not just a gym full of people, but an amazing family. I would recommend our JPF home to anyone.

Sad'e Y. - Member Since 2018

I have found that Josh and the staff at JPF’s friendliness, knowledge, and overall willingness to help its gym members reach their fitness goals are second to none. The gym is a clean, the atmosphere is friendly, and the 6 gyms in 1 concept is amazing!

Rob N. - Member Since 2014
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